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    Has "Safe Path" changed in Acro X?

    D Zurn Level 1

      I'm using Javascripts that have been working for years, but with Adobat Pro X parts of the scripts are now failing.


      I'm trying to extract individual pages of a PDF to a separate PDF file, on a network share. This has been working up to Acrobat X, but now I get "RaiseError. File might be read-only..." however I've already modified this same file to add a page number.


      The only thing I can think of is that the "safeness" of the safe path has been changed so that network shares are no longer considered safe. But now I can't even save it to my hard disk.


      BTW, the doc.extractPages call is wrapped in app.BeginPriv and is set with app.trustedFunction, so hopefully that isn't the problem.



      Darryl Z.

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          D Zurn Level 1

          Well now, I've got it to work. I wrote my Javascripts as platform-independent, so that Windows and Mac users could, what's the phrase, "just get along". So I added a bit of logic to put a platform-dependent string in front of the path I gave to doc.extractPages. Turns out that the Mac doesn't need "/Volumes/" to figure out that I'm asking for it to save on a network drive.


          Who would have guessed?


          So anyway, the safe path apparently hasn't changed, but Mac paths shouldn't be prefixed with "/Volumes/".


          Another success story