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    HD and memory for editing DSLR

    funkytwig Level 1

      Hi, this kind of follows on from my previous post but is a bit more specific.


      Firstly is 16GB OK for editing DSLR footage.  Ive seen lots of people talking about 16GB and that seems a good amount.  I currently have 8, whitch is what Adobe seem to recomend.  Will going from 8 to 16 make mutch difference.  Would more make a big diferenct (24 would be a logical next step for me).


      Also in terms of HD I have been loking at a basic RAID0 system.  Its a toss up between Seagate Baracuda and Samsung F3. The F3 does not look at fast but is a lot cheaper and I have heard lots of reports of Seagate drives dieing (I have a bead Barakuda 1TB on my desk currently). Any thought would be good.



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          JFPhoton Level 3

          .....read more on this forum......your DSLR camera may produce a codec which is problematic for PPro CS6......even beefy machines can choke if the 32bit Quirk Time importer is activated by importing an MOV file.....Jeff Bellune recommends changing MOV file extention to MP4  to fool PPro to not use the Quirk Time 32bit importer. CS6 seems to have an AVCHD scrubbing issue with other camera codecs......find and read further about that. Maybe better to stick with 5.03, if you have that, for a DSLR....depends which camera.

          Contributers on this forum are recommending 32GB memory for CS6 PPro....past versions ,( 5 and up ), did OK with 16GB minimum.


          Read more articles and threads on this forum, then visit PPBM5 website to see the video editing benchmark test results of various machines and configurations to see what configuration may, or may not, work well. Especially read Harm's suggestions and comments....he and Bill Gherke,RJL, and other contributors have saved countless people many headaches and  disappointments by giving knowledgeable advice based on their hard work...not to mention preventing novice fools like me from wasting significant money on stuff that won't work !!!!

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            funkytwig Level 1

            Thanks for that.  I did look at PPBM5 but found it very confusin for finding out what HD to use.  I am currently a student so on a bit of a budget.  Is there a way of transcoding the project into a more edit friendly format, like FCP Media manage ro Avid consoldate?  Or do I need to transcode the clips before editing (what is a good format to transcode to.


            This is a real shame, I guess I beleved the hype;).  I did not realise you needed such a kick arse box to edit simple DSLR/AVCHD projects.  I waited for CD6 to come out and got the student discount so dont have 5,  Shame Adobe were not more honest with there system requierments;(.


            In terms of HD what throughput do I need for DSLR.  Would Samsung F3 deliver it (in RAID0).


            Thanks for you help.



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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              Will going from 8 to 16 make mutch difference.  Would more make a big diferenct (24 would be a logical next step for me).


              Sorry but I miss the logic here. From 8 to 16 to 32 makes sense. From 12 to 24 makes sense. But from 8 to 16 to 24 makes no sense.

              You are limited by the motherboard and chipset you use.


              Doubling your memory will make a significant difference from your starting point. If you started out with 32 and would increase it to 64 GB, the gain would be much smaller.


              DSLR/AVCHD is never simple. It is a very difficult codec and requires quite some horsepower from your machine. This is explained here: Adobe Forums: System requirements for CS5

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                JFPhoton Level 3

                ....you need to describe your current system.......desktop...laptop??   what is exact hardware??....yes, 16 GB could possibly help some performance issues, if the rest of the components are good.


                You will find many descriptions here on the forum of the minimum equipment required to get started OK with PPro....then, what makes a system even better.....keep reading forum posts and articles!!


                Minimum specs for DSLR video.... codecs generally more CPU intensive.....not as disk intensive :


                Newer i7 CPU - ( better than my old 740QM for starters)


                16GB system memory minimum


                NVidia ONLY CUDA enabled video card, ( use "hack" to enable Mercury playback for non-supported card)


                MInimum - two 7200 rpm separate HDDs,or, SSD and HDD


                1920x1080 minimum screen resolution to show entire GUI at best



                two separate RAID 0 onboard arrays will enhance desktop performance cheaply......at the risk of data loss.....must have good back-up plan with that

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                  funkytwig Level 1

                  Thanks for that. System is i5 550 (actualy outperforms some i7 (i.e. Intel Core i7-2600S @ 2.80GHz) on benchmarks at http://www.cpubenchmark.net/high_end_cpus.html.  Also CPU seems to be < 25% for most of the time, does peek quite high breafly when play starts. This is why I thought it was a HD issue.


                  Nvida 550 Ti GPU.


                  I have tried with Mac Lion and Win 7 wiht 8GB (thinking of doubeling).


                  I am getting 2 72000 HD, shall I RAID 0 or use them seperatly?




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                    JFPhoton Level 3

                    .....i5 not good.....i7 minimum......550Ti weak, according to tests done by forum members......your benchmark is not a good indicator of specific performance with PPro editing.


                    Take the time to learn what the PPBM5 benchmark test is, and why it is a great tool to evaluate your current system, specifically for editing with Premiere Pro. On that site you can see how machines perform with your specs vs. the higher performance of better equipped rigs. Try and test your machine there, to get an idea of how it will do.....keep in mind you must have a minimum of two separate Hard  drives, ( min. 7200 rpm).


                    I know the pain of trying to edit with a weak machine.....I started using CS4 on a core two duo.....had to transcode everything to even do anything.


                    It is possible to make a good rig on a  well thought out budget...check out Tiger Direct sale on the G75 laptop for $1,399,or, do a desktop build yourself....DSLR codecs need a fast CPU....at least 2600K....overclocked better.


                    Sufficient cuda core card as well with DDR5 video memory is needed


                    two RAID 0 onboard  arrays will provide good speed....of course OS and programs must be on a separate drive first..( SSD good)....

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                      funkytwig Level 1

                      Thanks for that.  Would Samsung Spinpoing F3 RAID0 deliver enough speed for DSLR?

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                        Jim_Simon Level 9

                        Spinpoing F3 RAID0 deliver enough speed for DSLR?


                        Even a single F3 is more that fast enough for multiple streams of DSLR footage.  The hardware that get's tripped on playing that back in the CPU, not the disk.