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    Problem with JAWS Screenreader and Braille-Display


      Dear community,


      I'm having a problem with programmatically changed Text and displaying the updates in a screenreader. I use JAWS and JAWS braille display to read the text from a spark TextArea. Every time I change the input via keyboard, the braille display gets updated and JAWS tells me the input character. Fine so far!


      But if i use the TextArea methods insertText or appendText to change the text programmatically (e.g. using a timer to insert text) nothing happens in JAWS.

      I get the same problem, if I use a speech recognition software. After the Text appears, no changes in JAWS and braille display are made.


      Implementing a custom accessibility class didn't help either. The via Accessibility dispatched EVENT_OBJECT_VALUECHANGE events end up in nirvana (as it seems).


      Does anyone have some experiance with that or knows how to propergate the programmatic text upates to JAWS or is it even possible?


      Any hints, tips, or help are much appreciated!


      Thank you