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    Question on Captive Runtime


      I am still using Flex Builder 3, as it has everything we need for our Video Player app's developement.  However I an curious about Captive Runtime, we have had a few customer's complain in the past about having to install the Adobe Runtime (I am not sure what the big deal is... I am sure most have had to install Java or .NET or some other 3rd party runtime/framework at some point), and I think that Captive Runtime could help.


      But do I need to upgrade to Flash Builder 4.6 to get it?  Could I not use the ADT command line from the latest SDK to package it as a captive runtime?  The app was developed and compiled using the 3.02 SDK.  Does that make a difference?


      Perhaps when more time allows we can upgrade and 'port' our player into Flash Builder 4.6 - but till then, I was thinking that the ADT command might provide captive runtime.