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    Editting Menu Templates Premiere Elements




      I just purchased Premiere Elements a few days ago and having problems with my menu templates.


      1) What I want is one main menu to start with.

      2) After that I want to click on one button, going to the second menu

      3) In this second menu, I want a list of several short movies, with only the title of the movie. No picure, no short clip, just the text.

      4) When I click on one of the buttons, there will be a short clip, ending in a third menu.

      5) In the third menu will be just one single button, going the another short film, ending in the second menu.


      The problems I have:

      1) I can only use the standard menu templates and I can't make my own. I can't delete the standard items in the menu, only make them smaller.

      2) I can't create my own buttons, only the buttons that the program makes.



      I'm starting to think that I have wasted my money in someting that isn't worth it.


      Thanx, Tom Willems

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          nealeh Level 5

          PRE doesn't include a template editor. You have to work with the supplied templates and workflow.


          If you are skilled with Photoshop / Photoshop Elements you can edit the template files outside of PRE (always work on copies). But you will never be able to do what you want in (4) & (5) within PRE as it can only return to the menu it was called from, or the main menu.


          A lot of us use Sony DVD Architect Studio - it is a proper disk authoring program capable of all you specify.


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