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    I need to know where I can change the serial number for Acrobat X after imaging PC's.

    KJSTech Level 1

      We order Dell computers with Acrobat X Std and Office 2010 pre-installed. We do not get media, but we do get the serial numbers on cards with each PC. We create an image of a PC the way we want it with our most commonly used programs, settings and customization. We use Windows 7 sysprep with a unattended.xml answer file and some scripts when we are done. When this is finished we image the machine and deploy it on others so everything starts with the same configuration.When the PC is freshly imaged all we have to do is name it (we use our asset tag) and join it to the domain. Then we go into appwiz.cpl (add/remove programs) and click on Microsoft Office 2010, then the change button then choose enter a product key. We enter the key from the card that shipped with the physical computer.


      Now I don’t see a place to do this for Adobe. We are legit and pay extra per PC to Dell so we get the software license code on a card, as we do with Office. I just want to ensure that everything is kosher.


      I know that sometimes after a PC is deployed, in a few days or weeks we may get a tech support call where the user has an Adobe Acrobat duplicate license detected screen. We remote on and just enter the new serial number from the proper key card we got from Dell. But I want to head this off at the pass here and ensure the licensing is working at deployment so we don’t have to take these calls a few days or weeks later.


      Any idea where the change product key is? I tried the change function in appwiz.cpl but it looked like it would just take me to a reinstaller. It’s important that it does not mess with settings because I need one of our servers in the enhanced security trusted site area, as well as Topaz.GemPlus in our default signing, and a few other settings that carried over from us customizing it under the local Administrator and then setting the CopyProfile=True flag in unattended.xml answer file prior to sysprep.