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    Flash CS6 vs CS4 SWF file size

    jeremiahtrue Level 1


      I've been working on updating some banners built with CS4 in CS6 over the last two days and have seen a dramatic increase in the exported file size from CS6 over the original versions with minimal changes to content (text edits, same fonts). As a comparison, I looked at a 160x600 banner from CS4 with a filesize of 34,540 bytes and the same file when exported from CS6 is 41,057. I tried using the LZMA compression yesterday and that helped, but this is only applicable on Flash Player 11+ and the banners had to be saved at 10 or lower.


      Does anyone have any suggestions as to why this is happening? I've wasted half a day recompressing the files down via 6 to get them out the door. Am I better off using CS4 for this stuff? Could it be a legacy file issue and I wouldn't see it if I built from scratch in CS6?


      We checked out size reports and noticed that there was a difference in the font weight in both banners, this could account for part of it, but it was the same fonts in both so not sure why this is happening but it is very frustrating.