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    how to get Speech analyze to work?


      Ok, I'm kind of going crazy tryingto figure this out since no one seems to use this feature. 

         I don't need it for the accuracy, but I'd like to upload transcriptions from long interviews so I can then run analyze and marry the text to the speech so a producer can easily cut from the text.

          Every FAQ and tutorial is clear and it looks very easy.  I open up any kind of clip with VERY clean audio then click the "analyze" button in the metadata panel and and media encoder opens and works for a bit.

          when it's done I go back and the field is ALWAYS EMPTY.  I tried it on a friends near identical computer (2011 macbook pro) and it works fine, everything the same.  No matter what I try mine comes up blank like some setting is wrong or 'off' or something.  it does some work but acts like there is no audio or something.  Can anyone PLEASE help me figure out what is happening, I'm stumped.  I'm fine with BAD transcription but showing nothing tells me something isn't working right, and I can't get it.  appreciate any constructive help or ideas.