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    .AVI unsupported format


      The DV .AVI files I copy from my Sony HVR-DR60 hard drive to my computer will not import into PP CS6. CS6 claims the files are an unsupported format or damaged files. This happens whether I use the media browser or CTRL I. I cannot preview the files in the Source window or see a thumbnail in the media browser.


      These files open fine with PP CS4 using the media browser or CTRL I.  I have always dragged and dropped files from the Sony hard drive to my project folder with no issues. In searching for a solution, I tried importing files form the Sony hard drive to my computer using the Sony Recording Unit Utility, but with no difference: PP CS6 still will not use the .AVI files. The files are less than 4GB.


      If I knew how to find out, I would share the codec. All I can find is that it is AVI Type 1 when it records to the Sony hard drive.  The Sony manual is not helpful in this way.


      My video camera is tape based: a Sony HVR-V1U. This is the only bright light of the whole situation: at least I have back up on tape. Otherwise this is a major problem to my work flow.


      I use PP CS6, from the Creative Cloud. This is an upgrade from CS4. Brand new this week.


      I use a PC running Windows 7 Professional.


      I've seen some similar problems mentioned, but those involved media recorded to CF cards or other tapeless systems.


      Also worth mentioning: I do not have control of installations, etc., which may be why I seem a bit clueless. IT is control of such things, though I want to learn.


      Please help.