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    CS6 Photoshop Wacom Tablet Help!


      Obviously heading an IT department, I know I am not a graphics designer nor would I ever claim to know enough to be even dangerous.


      We are finalizing a monster PC build with all the bessl and whistles for our Marketing Director who lives by Adobe Creative Suite. We have installed CS6.


      My question is in regards to Wacom tablets ( which he has never used previousloy)


      There is a BIG diffrence in price, and being a beginer tablet user (and me being WAY over budget.. As in I have more in his PC than I have in some servers..) What do I need to be aiming at? A bamboo or a new Intuos?


      If I go bamboo I can get the largest, if I go Intuos I can go the smallest...


      What is the diffence between the two different Wacom tablet series anywho?


      PS.. I wanted to add that I am posting it here because as some of you can imagine, corp. doesn't get everything you graphic gurus want.. This designer at our office is a really neat person and has always wanted a tablet.. I want to surprise him with one that I can afford from my budget and really need some direction.. I went back to the store after my first post and looked again and am beyond confused at the differnces between the largest bamboo and smallest intuos5 besides the size difference..




      SIncerely, an IT Server guy who humbly admits he knows nothing about graphic design...



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          Noel Carboni Level 8

          Google turns up some interesting comparisons...


          E.g., http://graphicdesign.stackexchange.com/questions/2482/difference-between-bamboo-pen-touch- and-intuos4


          Interestingly, a lot of answers imply "Bamboo for personal, Intuos for professional".


          Not having used a tablet myself, but interested, some time ago I looked around pretty seriously and asked questions here.  I ended up deciding at the time that I wanted an Intuos 4.  Never did get one (my budget was eaten up by other things).  I see Wacom has come out with an Intuos 5 now.



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            MikeKPhoto Level 2

            My first tablet was an Intous 3, took some getting used to, now I cannot live without it. Also purchased a Bamboo to go with my laptop for portable use. The Bamboo is great, but for critical work I choose the Intous every time. They are not cheap and can last a lifetime if used correctly. Wacom has announced the Intous 5 and the prices for the Intous 4 are not too bad - they have them at a good price at Best Buy.


            But warn your Art person that using a tablet is quite different than a mouse - but to get used to using it just have him/her play a few rounds of Solitair - that really helps with the eye/hand coordination.


            Also there is a size difference between the Banboo and Intous - so check them out against available desk space.



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              BKKDon Level 4

              Intous 5 ... great and can't live without it. I chose the medium size (no touch) coz have a 24 inch screen, if I had more workspace would have got the bigger one. Not sure about the touch ones as my PC (Vaio) has a touch screen anyway.


              Tried many "cheap" ones but not as good as the Intous line.