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    XML items scroller v2.0 question


      Can anyone help with resizing my Flash file please??? I purchase the XML Items Scroller v2.0 and got it working good in CS4 Pro. However, now I am trying to resize the stage to 100 pixels. The original file had a 300px stage. I resized the canvas and the background image and I moved all the elements in the layers up. However, if I move 'Symbol6' up, which is where the thumbnails are anchored,  my thumbnail images go behind the scroller background. I am not sure why because they are on a layer above the scroller background image. I am new to Actionscript so I thought I would try it with this  XML items scroller because the other thing I downloaded wasn't working. Then I downloaded a tutorial that was much too complicated. Someone please help before I go bald!! Please!!!


      Here is the URL:




      Here is the way it looked at 300 pixels height:




      I need to embed it into my website, so I changed th background to black and resized it to 100 pixels high and this is what I got:




      If I try to move 'Symbol 6' up, which contains the thumbnails, the scrolling thumbnails go behind the background image like this:


      ERRR!!! So close to finishing this, but yet so far!!! Does anyone have a clue as to what the problem could be please??? I am a single mother and I need this done a.s.a.p. to apply for a job. Any help or suggestion are greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          There appears to be a mask involved, which might be what is cutting off the thumbnails at the top.  The mask needs to follow the rest of the stuff when you move it all.


          As far as your discussion regarding 300 to 100 goes, I don't see it with what you show.

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            WebMaMa1 Level 1

            Hi Ned,


            Thanks so much for your reply:

            Here is the link to the SWF file that is intact, but it is too big: http://www.savie.biz/Flash/item_scroller.swf


            This is what I got on my first try to resize the whole thing to 100px height:



            This is what I got the second, third or 5th time I tried to resize it:



            If you collapse your browser window down, you can see that in the last two the scrolling thumbnails are off the art board and the very last one gets hidden behind the scroller's background.  There is a layer called 'mask,' but there is only a 20 x 20 pixel image in that layer, no actionscrip. I have tried moving that too and that is when I end up with example 3 above: the scrolling thumbnials appear to be tucked behind that other layers. Those layers are actually behind the the 'items' layer where the thumnails are inserted somehow.


            I have a screencap to show you:


            Any suggestions please?? Would you like me to send you the files??? I really need to get this done. My hosting company changed servers on me the other day and my Java applet stoped working in Firefox. I can't apply for a job with that broken. I greatly appreciate any help you can lend.


            Laura Lanoue



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              WebMaMa1 Level 1

              The only item on the 'mask' layer is that little dark purple box to the lower right, near the word 'TIMER.' The 'items' layer contains the white square at the bottom (Symbol 6), which contains the movie 'anim over' that the thumbnails are somehow inserted to. There is an XML file that lists them and which I can add my hyperlinks into. As I said, if I move the elements on the 'mask' and 'items' layer up. The scrolling thumbnails go up, but get tucked behind the scroller background. Please keep in mind that these last two screens still have a purple background. I changed that to black later on and added a purple/black gradient behind the scroller.



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                Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                If you select that mask object and see an instance name assigned to it in the properties panel, then that might lead you to finding it being manipulated in the code of frame 2.


                If you can find a line that assigns that object as a mask to the thumbnail movieclip... and comment that line out... and then run rthe file and can see the thumbnails in their entirety... then you can be pretty sure you need to adjust the code for that mask to relocate its y property.  Don't leave that line commented out, doing so is just a test.

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                  WebMaMa1 Level 1

                  Thanks Ned. Your GREAT!! It was all positioning of the ‘imgBlock’ and ‘mask’ elements. I  really appreciate your help. Do I owe you anything??

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                    Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    You're welcome.  If you could mark my response(s) as correct/helpful, that'd be nice... beyond that I come here to help (and learn).