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    Trouble changing Camera RAW settings in Javascript (worked in CS5, but not CS6)


      I just upgraded to Master Collection CS6 from Production Premium CS5, and CameraRAWOpenOptions settings in scripts that I had working in Photoshop CS5 (64-bit) using Extendscript CS5 are no longer working with Photoshop CS6.  I get no error messages, but the settings I specify in the scripts (for example, CameraRAWOpenOptions.exposure=2.00) do not take effect when the image is opened.  Other Photoshop properties and actions within my script are working correctly.


      Note that this is an issue in Photoshop CS6.  I can use Extendscript CS5 or CS6, and the result is the same.


      Here is the way I am changing the settings in my script:


      var RawOptions = new CameraRAWOpenOptions;





      RawOptions.vignettingAmount = 0;

      RawOptions.vignettingMidpoint = 0;

      RawOptions.contrast = 50;

      RawOptions.saturation = 0;

      RawOptions.shadows = 0;

      RawOptions.luminanceSmoothing = 0;


      var JPGopts = new JPEGSaveOptions;

      JPGopts.quality = JPEGquality;


      //Perform the loop through the files

      app.open(testListing[0], RawOptions, false);


      for (var nfile = nstart; nfile < nstop; nfile++)


          app.open(testListing[nfile], RawOptions, false);

          FnameSave = new File(SavePath+"/"+testListing[nfile].name);

          app.activeDocument.saveAs(FnameSave, JPGopts, false, Extension.UPPERCASE);