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    Connect Kobo E-reader


      I have a mac computer and I recently bought a Kobo touch E-reader. I borrowed some books for the freading.com website to use on my kobo. My kobo is connected and my adobe digital edition isn't showing it to put my books on. I went through the steps to get an account and I authorized my computer. Am I missing something? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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          Frustrated in AZ Level 4

          I'm going to assume that you have gone to the B&N website and registered

          the KOBO ereader using your Adobe ID.  If not, start there.


          Assuming it's registered properly, make sure you go through the steps to

          connect the KOBO in the proper sequence....


          First, connect the KOBO to your Mac.  Make sure the Mac finds it and shows

          it as an external drive.


          Then, bring up ADE.  The KOBO should show up on the bookshelf.  If it does,

          then you're all set.