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    TLF 3.0 - How to make focusOut-highlighted text becomes unhighlighted?

    mrHanditan Level 1

      Hi all,

      I am using the latest TLF 3.0 with Flex 3.6 SDK.

      To make the text stays highlighted when it's out of focus, I have to do this:

      var config:Configuration = TextFlow.defaultConfiguration;

      config.unfocusedSelectionFormat = new SelectionFormat(0xffffff, 1.0,

      BlendMode.DIFFERENCE, 0xffffff, 1.0, BlendMode.DIFFERENCE, 0);

      There's a time when I want it those highlighted text to become unhighlighted.

      I thought it would be simple by just doing this on the textFlow:

      _textFlow.unfocusedSelectionFormat = new SelectionFormat(0xffffff, 0,

      BlendMode.DIFFERENCE, 0xffffff, 0.0, BlendMode.DIFFERENCE, 0);

      But it doesn't work.. It just stays highlighted.

      Is it because it's being overridden by the defaultConfiguration all the time?