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    Using styles from the stylesheet


      Good morning community.


      RHv9 (HTML)


      My quandary today looks to outputing topics to word (dotx). Simple enough: run through the printed process until you select the option to use styles from the stylesheet (as opposed to using word). Select the applicable stylesheet, and viola! The output is a nicely presented word document...


      ...well okay, not that nice.


      The style sheet method works just fine for outputting styles, however, you cannot define the word document margins (using CSS).  Additionally, I'd like to include a header and footer.  Of some curiosity, I cannot find the template the Robohelp uses to output to a word document. 

      • None of the Robohelp program files appear to match any output - i've located and modified every single dotx file with the correct margin but no go.
      • The project files do not contain any such template (the ones that do work only for outputting to a word document).
      • It would almost appear that robohelp creates the word document at runtime.


      The other option is that Robohelp can output to a selected word template instead. I've gone to Peter Grainge's website (http://www.grainge.org/pages/authoring/printing/rh9_printing.htm), but the use of a template appears to strip out the header and footer and inserts a header and page number field.


      Basically I need more control of my word output.

      • Where is the template that robohelp uses to produce printed output when using styles from the stylesheet?
      • How can I prevent Robohelp from stripping out the header and footer information from a template of my own design, and inserting its own?


      I trust this is enough information


      Any comment appreciated.