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    how to record windows 7 aero features using captivate 5.5?



      capivate 5.5

      on windows 7

      recording Demo mode


      Capitvate default install and Preference an settings



      I want to record windows 7 aero features.


      I record the demo

      I publish the demo

      and check the html file


      The result is:

      the only thing that displays are the shortcut keys I press to perform the aero features.


      none of the aero features record eg

      press shortcut keys

      CTRL+windows+TAB which is windows aero 3D

      flip preview of windows



      hover over thumbnails



      its like captivates not recording 'moving images'


      is there a way I can record windows 7 aero features in captivate?



      Any ideas? 


      thank you