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    how to get standard size viewable across different monitor sizes?


      How can I get the same view size with media buttons on the bottom ie like full screen across the different size monitors?


      im creating a captivate demo.

      however the target is

      large monitors 21 inch

      and different laptop models and screen

      1. size.



      I would like the output in as SWF - html.



      Ive been playing around with the settings and these are my results:



      Setting:Record and Capture area ‘Full Screen’

      the result:

      looks great on the 21 inch monitor.


      the same .html file on the laptop

      the result is:

      cuts off the recording on the bottom the screen. so you have to use the scroll bars to see the full screen





      if I Rescale the Project


      width percentage:100

      Height percentage:100



      width percentage:70

      Height percentage:70

      the result is:

      loss of quality on both laptop screen & desktop screen.



      If I publish as a Media .exe.

      The result is a very large .exe file size  compared to a html file



      Any ideas?


      thank you



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          The rule of thumb I always use it to capture the original screen recordings at the same resolution as the lowest resolution device I expect to view the demo.  So if you are doing your screen capture from a 21inch screen but expect people to play it back on 14 inch laptops, find out what resolution the 14 inch laptops are operating at, temporarily change the resolution of the device connected to the 21 inch screen to match the resolution of the 14 inch laptops - record all your screen captures - then change the resolution back to normal on the 21 inch display only after you have finished recording. You then shouldn't have to mess around with rescaling and it should look great on everything!  Work at the lowest common denominator.


          (apologies in advance if I misunderstood what you were asking)