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    How to eliminate the thumbnail picture from a .TIFF picture?

    DavidW7 Level 1

      I apologize but could not think of a more suitable forum to ask the question - if someone has an idea for a better place, I will appreciate.


      When I create a picture with my (Nikon) camera in the TIFF format, it appears that the picture file contains in addition to the full blown picture, a reduced version of the picture, something like a large thumbnail vrsion of the picture. I found it by trying to create a PDF file of the .TIFF file - Acrobat created a two page file, one with the full picture and one with the reduced picture. It looks that I can't tell the camera not to embbed the thumbnail version.


      So my question is, from someone who is familiar with the .TIFF file format, how to eliminate that thumbnail version from the .TIFF file. Must be somewhere (hopfully one) location in the file that when modifying it it eliminates the thumbnail picture from Acrobat's view into the .TIFF file.


      As to the question why not simply erase that undesired page from the PDF file - the answer is that I actually going to assemble many (hundreds) such pictures into one PDF file. Acrobat will put all those pictures such that each main picture will be followed by its own thumbnail and therefore I will have to select manually each single thumbnail page before erasing them, extremely tedious. If I could process it at the individual .TIFF file as describrd above, I could easily write a program that does this modification to all my .TIFF files with one invokation.


      Many thanks,