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    Table formatting in InDesign when exporting as .mobi (Kindle)

    Spenno Level 1

      Hi all.

      I am trying to create my first Kindle .mobi file, using InDesign 5.5 and Amazon's Kindle Plug-in.

      It's all going ok until the publication hits a table. The table is simple with three columns and half a dozen rows, with .25 pt strokes around the cells.

      The table is viewing fine, but the page break I insert before it (as I figured it is safest to have breaks before all graphics to have them appear on their own page rather than being split) do not seem to function properly. Practically all of the table appears on a new page, but the very top (ie stroke and a little of the top row) appear at the foot of the previous page.

      I've tried as I say a page break, and also a paragraph still with a break and then a paragraph return, to push the table down a little, but the same thing happens.

      Shouldn't I be doing tables in InDesign in the event of them being exported as a .mobi? I heard talk of CSS, but that's all alien to me sadly.

      Any help appreciated.