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    Problem View-Preview

      Hi, i am new working with flex. However, i start an application, based on help ("Using flex Builder"). I make all the things with connection and when i click preview in browser, a message apear and it say that i need flash player 7 for deburg, or it show me just the code, but it not showing me my application preview. Why that ?

      sorry for my english
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          ntsiii Level 3
          Is this in Flex Builder 2.0?

          Because it sounds like Flex builder 1.5.

          If it is 2.0, try getting the latest Flash Player from the Adobe site. Also, be aware that there are two versions of the Flash Player. One is for IE (AX) the other for mozilla-based browsers. Eithr install both, or be sure Flex Builder is suing the correct frowser for its run functionality. That is configured under Window, Preferences, General, Web Browser.