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    Set first line indent to 0

    Henrik Lideberg Level 1

      Hi guys!

      Wondering if there's a scipt to set the first line indent to 0 (just affecting the selected paragraph)?

      In my parapraph style i've set first line indent to 3 mm, but i don't want text after header to have indent.

      I've scanned the web for solutions but just found complex scripts, that seems to be limited to one named paragraph style.

      I don't want my script to be limited to a specific paragraph style, but rather a general script appliable on different paragraph styles in different documents.


      I've tried scipts like:


      tell application "Adobe InDesign CS5.5"

           set first line indent to 0

      end tell


      No success.


      I'm, as you've probably figured out, very new to scipting.







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          absqua Level 4

          JavaScript rather than Applescript:


          if (app.selection.length && app.selection[0].hasOwnProperty("baseline")) {
              app.selection[0].firstLineIndent = 0;


          But... why not just make styles based on your indented ones but with the first line indent set to 0 and apply those with shortcuts? No overrides that way and no need for scripts.



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            Henrik Lideberg Level 1

            Thank you Jeff!


            Worked like a charm =)


            Yes i could use a non intended style based on my indended style, but then every document would need to have paragraph styles.

            Sometimes, in smaller documents, i don't use the styling option, then this script would make my day.


            Again, thanks!