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    Adjusting the speed of rotation

    A.I.1 Level 3

      Please excuse if this should be obvious, but I'm thinking if, using expressions (which I don't have much experience with) or something else I could do this in a better way...


      If I want to have an object start rotating (normal 2D rotation) at a set, specific speed eg. a specific number of rotations per second (and I might want to add this rotation speed - or another value based on it - as text in the composition as part of the video), and then, at specific points in the video (keyframes), I could change the rotation speed to different values.  It sounds simple


      So, instead of keyframing the amount of rotations (and/or degrees), would it be possible, maybe using expressions, to be able to keyframe the "rotation speed" (eg. in rotations per second), and if so, how?