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    Windows 7 64 bit installation problem

    Ella pali

      I just installed Adobe Flash Player on a new PC running Windows 7 64 bit. I downloaded it directly from the Adobe website through IE. The program does not appear on my Program list in Windows although when I check through the Control Panel on programs to uninstall it shows that it is there! (Adobe Flash Player 11 ActiveX).


      Have gone through the Adobe online Help process and it shows that the program is there, it working fine, latest version etc. I unistalled it once using the Adobe flash player uninstall program and reinstalled it but Windows still can not find it. I have repeated this process a second time, following the steps outlined by Pat Willener in his earlier reply to a similar problem on 05/08/2012 7:10 PM. without any sucess.


      Note that previously I had installed Google Chrome but had it uninstalled because of some other problems I had with this installation.


      Why is that Windows 7 cannot see this programn or allow me to use it with existing FLV files that sit in my Video folder?