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    stop cursor from blinking while recording?

    Tom_J. Level 1
      Is there anyway to stop the cursor from blinking while it's in record mode? I want to record a webinar that I'm creating with Connect, and I think the blinking cursor might be visible to webinar participants.
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          CatBandit Level 3
          Hey Tom,

          I suspect you are talking about the blinking icon in the taskbar. It is blinking each time a capture is made, or in the case of full-motion capture, it blinks on and off constantly as long as you are still recording.

          The cursor should not be blinking, however, even in full motion capture. If that is the case, try changing to a different cursor scheme and see if it continues. It is possible the cursor that seems to be blinking is a transparent CUR in which case changing it should help. Let us know.

          EDIT: Just woke up to what I probably missed. If you are trying to catch the whole desktop, then of course you are seeing the blinking indicator in the tray. Go to EDIT > PREFERENCES > RECORDING and you can turn off the task icon and/or the system-tray icon in those Recording Preferences. Is that possibly what you meant?? Sorry I didn't catch it in the first read-through.