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    Changing from paid to free subscription




      I have a magazine in the newsstand with a paid yearly subscription option.


      I am considering to change this to a free subscription. Is that possible, and if so, how is the best way to do it?


      I mean, I cant figure out logically in what order it could be done.

      If I create a new version of the app with the viewer builder containing only the free subscription option, and upload that to apple, I guess apple will reject it because my app contains paid issues? but if i remove the paid issues, then the app in its current state is not working as it should. And what will happen with the people who already have the yearly paid subscription when I remove that option from the app build? Will they still be subscribed and get the future free issues?


      I find it very difficult to explain the issue, so sorry if its not very clear. Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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          storycode-scott Level 1

          You can have paid and free issues in the app. To stay in Newsstand you'll need to maintain some kind of paid subscription, but you can make all your issues free.


          For future issues, just publish them as "Public, Free" edition. For previous issues, you treat it just like an update, changing the paid edition to the "Public, Free" option.


          Considering that people have paid for subscriptions, you probably will get some push back from people who have paid and now see that other people can get the same content for free. So get ready for so very unhappy subscribers.

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            eddie_dps Level 1

            The way I understand it from reading http://www.adobe.com/devnet/digitalpublishingsuite/articles/adding-digital-publishing-suit e-apps-to-apple-newsstand.html I don't see why you would have to have some kind of paid subscription? Its referring to the iGizmo magazine there, showing that a free subscription also allows the magazine to be in the newsstand. The only demand is that it is a subscription offer, free og otherwise.


            I know I can publish as many free issues as i want even though I have a paid subscription option, but obviously that is confusing for end users, and I want people to have the ability to subscribe for free. I'm just not sure how to implement that change, seeing that I already have a paid subscription set up.


            When it comes to unhappy subscribers and so on, I actually have more than 90% of the subscribers contact details through opt-in reports, so that will be handeled by paying back the customers of course.