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    import Adobe Edge animation into Dreamweaver

    catcolon Level 1

      Hello all

      I have created an animated banner using Adobe Edge, does anybody know how I can import this into any version of Dreamweaver (CS5, C5.5 or CS6)?


      thanks for any info



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          Cristian Radu. Level 3

          Hi Martin,

          I take it you use DW to edit your BC site, and since you have access to the code directly there are a few steps you need to take in order to make you banner show on your site.

          (Yes, no import feature that will do the following actions autmatically but if you follow the steps you should have your banner on your site in a few minutes.)

          1st - When you use Edge you have the possibility to publish your site project, which is then saved under a folder you define.

          2nd - Take the project folder (copy) and upload it (paste) into your site (at the root level or where you find it convenient)

          3rd - Add an iframe like this: <iframe src="/path/your_project.html" width="500" height="200" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe> configuring the path to your .html file which will run the animation, the width, height, etc as you need them.


          Add the iframe where you need the banner to show up, a page or template.


          I hope this answers your question.