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    Avoid White Screen and (Not Responding) Message?

    Jason L-S

      Is there a way to force FrameMaker to update the screen when it becomes unresponsive during lengthy processes?


      I wrote an ExtendScript to open all files in a book (silently), import settings across all files, update the book, and then save as a PDF file. The script runs seven times, each time with different settings to control various things such as conditional text and variables.


      The problem is that FrameMaker churns on certain commands, such as opening all the files and importing the settings. During this time, it might take up to 10 minutes to complete the command across all files in the book. If I click off of FrameMaker onto another applicaiton, and then go back to FrameMaker I see only a FrameMaker container window with a white background. The title bar shows the book name and (Not Responding). The script is still running and everything is fine. But there is no feedback to the user to indicate what's happening.


      Is there no way to force FrameMaker to refresh the window and remove (Not Responding) from the title bar?