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    acrobat needs serial number


      I can't use AAM--many other people are having the same problem. It freezes and takes over my internet connection when I try to install anything. To get around this, I've installed the trial versions of apps which have been activated when I start the program and sign in. As per http://prodesigntools.com/adobe-cs6-direct-download-links.html


      Unfortunately, this doesn't work for acrobat as it asks for a serial number; there is no sign in option. How do I get round this?

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          Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

          From the behavior you are describing it appears you have a software firewall or some other security application preventing the Adobe Application Manager from accessing the Internet.  Please make sure the PDApp.exe is configured as a exclusion.

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            toby1044 Level 1

            My firewall is configured correctly: Norton 360; program rules; PDapp.exe Allow


            I turned the firewall off and connected the computer directly to the internet (by-passing my switch and router) and guess what! Adobe Application Manager worked, but slowly. Obviously, exposing my computer unprotected to hackers was not the solution I was hoping for.


            Many other people have had problems with AAM. It's obvious that one of your programmers has told you it's not his fault, it's the firewall! And you believed him. Blaming the firewall, and hence the user's computer:


            1. treats professional designers like amateurs

            2. eliminates the need for you to fix the problem

            3. ignores the simple fact that other programs access the internet without having to configure or turn off the firewall


            Point 3 would seem to me to be so obvious that I'm impressed with the way you're fooling yourselves into thinking that nothing needs to be done. Please stop treating us like amateurs. I run my own server with secure tunnelling and I don't like it when AAM swamps my broadband internet connection and yet its downloads crawl along like injured snails. There's something wrong with this program, and there will be until you fix it.

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              Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

              Toby1044 so I can understand a bit more of your network topology is your router and switch both separate devices?  Do you have any filtering set up or are possibly using a Private DNS server?  In addition to allowing PDApp.exe to access the Internet you will also want to ensure you are able to access https://activate.adobe.com and that you are allowing traffic not only on port 80 but also 443.


              Perhaps port 443 is blocked which might be why the Adobe Application Manager started functioning once you had a direct connection to the Internet?

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                toby1044 Level 1

                Hey Jeff; I can access https pages so port 443 must be open; activate.adobe.com gives a blank page.


                I tested my connection.

                1. firewall on, router and switch: AAM connects to adobe but then after half a minute freezes and blocks any other computer on the network from accessing the internet

                2. firewall on, but no router or switch, connected directly to the broadband modem: AAM works correctly


                AAM and my router don't get on. They bring the network down. Internet access on other computers on the network grinds to a halt. Why would AAM interact badly with the router? Any ideas?


                (3com officeconnect cable/dsl router 3CR858)

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                  Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

                  Seems strange not sure how AAM would freeze up your router.  Are you using any type of custom firmware?  Would it be possible to try returning your router/switch back to factory settings to see if they have the same issue?