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    Unable 2 create URL hyperlinks from >1 source




      I actually did create a URL hyperlinks in InDesign.

      My problem is I can't use the same URL hyperlink to be applied to different sources.


      Let's say, I have a text, adobe. I create a URL hypelink http://www.adobe.com for the text, "adobe". That's good.


      Then, I have a picture box. I want to link this picture to the URL hyperlink I've just created. I select the picture box and click on the URL hyperlink in hyperlink panel. Assuming the picture box will be dircted to Adobe's website. However, it's not the case.


      The only way I can do is I select the www.adobe.com from URL dropdown menu in hyperlink panel. In that case, a new URL hyperlink is created. That means duplicated hyperlinks are created even though they're the same URLs.


      Not sure if I miss any proceudre to do so or not.

      Any ideas?