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    Acrobat X - Print to Edge

    bmcfiv Level 1

      Using Acrobat X and Microsoft PowerPoint, I'm trying to print a pdf where there isn't any margin (also for Word docs).  I've tried "Scale to Fit Paper" but that leaves a slight margin on the top and bottom.  I'm basically trying to print so that it looks exactly like the pdf I've created so that when someone opens on their screen, it will not show any margins, just the content and background i've created.

      Any suggestions?

      Thank you!

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          Bernd Alheit Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Adobe Reader can't create PDF files. Use a forum for Adobe Acrobat.

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            I am having the same issue.

            I create a PDF in LiveCycle Designer ES2 as an A4 document with set margins.

            Then I print it either from LC Designer "Preview PDF" or from Reader x and it rescales my PDF with extra margin space all around. This can become an issue for me as the printed versions need a set minimum quiet zone around the barcodes to allow for scanning.


            The documents I am making are for use in browser based electronic medical record system across two hospitals, so individual PC solutions (cropping etc) will not work in this environment.


            I am also creating PDFs on a custom page (eg all areas scaled up by 10% including margins), but the addition of the margin by Reader means it throws out the calculations I have accounted regarding the barcode quiet zones when the forms scales back using "print to fit".


            It also scales objects that I have calculated to scale back from, lets say A4 @ 110% back to A4 @ 100%. EG a 11cm square should sclae back to the intended printed 10cm square to allow the placement of a sticker. It scales smaller due to Reader placing extra margin space and resizing based on that margin space.


            Sorry to ride on this thread, but it looks like the cause of the problem is the same.