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    Problems in placing .jpg images - size shrinks

    Miiagod Level 1



      I have been working with InDesign for years and this is the first time I encouterred the following problem. Currently I am creating an online document with InDesign CS5.5.


      The problem is that when I place (ctrl + D) an image (.jpg), some of them seem to "shrink" from their original size and become totally pixelated.


      My original image is 192 x 380 px and it was placed as 46.08 x 91.2 px

      I don't understand what might be the problem. For some of my images it seems to do this and for some not. There are some images that I have previously placed succesfully and then these same images are now shrinked when I place them. Could this be a setting change? I have tried everything, but nothing seems to work.


      Very puzzled.

      Any suggentions?