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    Director Error


      I'm trying to run a program from a CD, and when I attempt to open it, I get the following error:

      "unable to open file *filename* because it is already open with write permission by another user"

      Can any one give any suggestions on how to fix this? Its really annoying me as I need to use the CD for uni.

      I'm running the CD on my computer at home and I'm the only person opening it, so I dont understand how its already open.

      Thanks in advance!

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          Sometimes the error messages are misleading. Since you have the Director project on a CD, could the problem be occurring when your program tries to write some data to that file and it finds the file is read-only because it is on CD? One way to test is to copy the contents of the CD to a hard drive or Flash drive, make sure the parts do not have read only property set true, then run the project and see if it works.
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            springbett Level 1
            Thanks for your response Tom.

            I did try to copy the contents of the CD, but it only copies about half of the files, and the rest display another error when I try to copy them (cyclic redundancy error).. so it doesnt let me copy the whole thing.

            If it is on the CD, I thought it would have to be "read-only"? I have looked at the properties of the file in question and it says "read only".

            It is an interactive learning thing on a CD (with movies and presentations and stuff), and my lecturer has told me to use it from the CD (ie: you dont install anything as there is no setup/install file to install from.)

            Is there a problem with the CD? Or do I need to update a program on my computer to make it work?
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              Yes, on the CD, it would have to be read-only. And sometimes files copied off a CD seem to retain that property until you reset it. Also some commercial CD products may have copy protection systems in place to prevent this.

              Normally an educational CD product will have some kind of runtime program, like a Director projector, to run the presentation. Can you find a program with a .exe extension at the top level of the CD? Usually such a product would have an autostart file to launch the exe, but maybe yours does not. Try to find the exe. If you right click and look at it's properties, you may be able to find out what you are dealing with. It might say Director projector, Flash projector, or something else. That would be a good clue.

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                springbett Level 1
                Hi Tom

                Yep, theres a file called "START" at the top level of the CD. This is what you run to start the application. When I click it, the welcome/splash screens appear, then it thinks for about 30 seconds on a blank screen and then the error message appears.

                The error message doesnt refer specifically to this START file, but to a different file within another folder on the CD. I assume the START file points to this other file. The other file is d:/resources/demo.dxr. This is also set as read only on the CD.

                I have checked the properties for START and the description is "Macromedia Projector". It is set to read only.

                Argh its really doing my head in.
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                  So if it's a typical Director CD project, START.exe is a stub that gets the program going and then branches out to one of the specific files for the actual presentation. That's where things go wrong for you.

                  What specifically does the error message say? If it is a "where is..." message, then it should give you a chance to select an alternate file, in which case you would navigate to a resources directory and choose the demo.dxr file.

                  I assume your CD drive is the "d:" in that path, right? Otherwise, the author may have hard coded a disc path and created your problem.


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                    springbett Level 1
                    Hi Tom. Thanks very much for your reply.

                    The error is:

                    "unable to open file d:/resources/demo.dxr because it is already open with write permission by another user".

                    It doesnt give me the option to select another file. I have no idea how to tell it to select another file. I've tried to open the demo.dxr file directly (bypassing the start.exe) and nothing happens. I just get the hourglass curser for a while then it stops.

                    I am going to reinstall the flash thingo to see if it helps. Or is it shockwave player? I dont know. I'll reinstall both!

                    Yes, D: is my CD drive. But on my other computer it is E and the message is the same, but with E instead of D. I'm using Windows XP but I have also tried it on Vista and I recieve same error.

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                      Sounds like a bad CD burn...
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                        You're welcome. Sorry we couldn't figure it out. -- TB
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                          Director seems to have a peculiar bug regarding this error.

                          When Director opens another Director movie in a window, you generally
                          call the movie without specifying a file extension. This is convenient
                          because the movie can be a unpackaged Director movie (.dir) or a
                          protected movie (.dxr)

                          The bug is however, is if you have folder name at the same directory
                          level as the director file that is being opened, that exact error
                          occurs. I can reliably duplicate this error in my old 8.5 version, but I
                          am not sure about later versions. It is almost as if director is trying
                          to open the folder like a movie.

                          I found if I explicitly referenced the movie including the extension,
                          the error does not show.
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                            and I just verified the same error occurs using "go to movie"
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                              So, is there a folder on the CD that has the same name as the file being
                              referenced in the error message? I bet there is.

                              In that case you can not fix the error. The author of the program will
                              have to change their code to overcome this bug.
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                                springbett Level 1
                                Thanks Tom for your help.

                                Sean, The CD has worked previously. It is also the original CD, not a copy that I have burned myself.

                                Dave C, the CD has the following in it:

                                "resources" (a folder containing a bunch of *.mov, *cxt, *dxr, *.dcr, *.txt and *.pdf files.) This is the folder where the file refered to in the error message is located.

                                "utilities" (folder containing the install files for Acrobat, Quicktime, Flash etc)

                                "xtras" (folder with something in it called budapi.x32. No idea what this is)

                                readme txt document, which contains nothing interesting or useful to me.

                                and START, which is the launch file for the application.

                                Theres no folder with the same name as the file that the error refers to.

                                After reinstalling the flash & shockwave, the error persists.

                                What should the dxr file be opeining in? Do I need to change the "open with" option on the properties for this file?
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                                  When you get info on the executable (right-click -> properties), what's
                                  the version?
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                                    I realized I was incorrect. The bug described exists, but since your
                                    error message includes the extension, that isn't the problem.

                                    What version of Windows do you have?

                                    I found a company who has some sort of product made with Director. They
                                    have a technote concerning the same problem. It seems to be more an
                                    issue for older version of Windows (before XP)

                                    It gives a solution, may be worth a look,

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                                      springbett Level 1
                                      The properties from the exe on the CD are:
                                      Product version: 8
                                      File Version:

                                      I have tried the CD on Windows XP and on Vista. I recieve the exact same error message on both. These are two seperate computers, not the one computer running two operating systems.

                                      Thanks for the link Dave, I have just had a look at it and tried all their suggestions but still get the same error.

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                                        springbett wrote:
                                        > I did try to copy the contents of the CD, but it only copies about
                                        > half of the files, and the rest display another error when I try to
                                        > copy them (cyclic redundancy error).. so it doesnt let me copy the
                                        > whole thing.

                                        http://www.datastronghold.com/security-articles/general-security-articles/how-to-clean-you r-cds-or-dvds.html

                                        And if you can get it to read, I suggest copying it onto another CD


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                                          springbett Level 1
                                          Thanks Andrew. I did try to clean it in the same method explained in your link. Still same error though. Will try it again now though. I used baby soap before but will try with dishwashing liquid.
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                                            springbett Level 1
                                            Still same error. I am going to try to source a new CD. Its probably a problem with the CD. I was hoping to be able to solve it. Uni book shop has run out of this CD and so have the other five shops I've called.

                                            How annoying.

                                            Thanks for all your suggestions!
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                                              Mouseclick Multimedia Level 1
                                              A cyclic redundancy error is a problem with the CD. It's not only because there was an error burning, you can have cd's that work fine for a while and then go 'broke'. You mostly see this with older cd's though, backups you made several years ago for example. Try to burn at the lowest possible speed to avoid, or better, to postpone, these problems.