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    Is Indesign suitable for creating a directory with anchored images?


      I have an ancient eight-page Quark document (originally created in 3.5, now in 8.5) that contains over 200 3cm adverts created in other applications called in as images anchored into text. This means that each month I can add or remove entries and the rest flows round in linked text boxes.


      It also means that Quark quits every few minutes and the job is now virtually impossible to complete.


      I am considering recreating the whole thing in Indesign but before I do, I would like to hear from anyone doing the same type of thing:


      How stable is Indesign for this type of job? How does it cope with over 200 images (pdfs, eps, tiffs, jpgs whatever) anchored as text? Is there a format for images that Indesign prefers to handle? I imagine it's pretty intensive to process as each advert also contains an image or two and fonts of its own. I'd rather keep the adverts as vector files as the text is so tiny – even though I know that resaving the lot in Photoshop would probably help no end (removing font problems, embedded images etc etc).


      Any suggestions, feedback etc gratefully received.