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    New Video Editing Laptop for CS6

    Aaron - DCMC Productions Level 1

      Hi there,


      Have been doing a ton of reading on different forums and everyone has come to similar conclusions that this is about as hard as it gets, but seeing as I will be moving around a lot in the next year and my organization has agreed to pay $2500ish for one here we are...


      I was hoping to get your thoughts on the configuartion below. I am not a fan of Lenovo but this what a shop I was working with reccomended. You'll notice they make a couple of modifacation from what Lenovo gives them. My other big question is about these quattro video cards. I heard they work with the mecury playback engine for amazing results, but that other graphic cards can be unlocked and work just as well. I feel that if I opened it up to other graphics cards I would have more chocies from other companies.


      Lenovo ThinkPad W530 2438 $ 1829 +


      RAM 16GB $138


      Flush Mount ExpressCard eSATA Adapter $41.99


      240GB Sandisk SSD $256

      Install  $35

      $2300 + Tax and shipping extra

      Eta on this order 1 – 2 weeks



      15.6" LED backlight 1920 x 1080 / Full HD


      Core i7-3720QM Quad Core


      Nvidia N14P-Q3 Quadro K2000m

      500GB / 7200RPM


      DVD RW


      Intel 6205 AGN

      WWAN Ready


      Xpress Slot, 4 in 1 Reader


      9 Cell


      Win 7 Pro 64


      3 Yr Depot



      Thanks a lot,



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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          This Laptop Video Editing PC http://forums.adobe.com/message/4578948 discussion has a lot of information, plus a link or two to laptops specifically designed for video editing

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            KJerryK MVP & Adobe Community Professional

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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              Select Computer type/Laptops here to see what works: http://ppbm5.com/DB-PPBM5-2.php

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                JFPhoton Level 3

                ....check out "Sale on Powerful Laptop " post I wrote.......killer video card,has 3GB DDR5 memory......with your budget, you can put Hi -quality SSDs in it, ( Corsair,or, Plextor PRO models that handle "incompressible data" very well at 400-500MB/ sec., with the Marvell controller,( not Sandforce).

                   That laptop, with those drives...would be about as fast as you can do in a laptop, if I am not mistaken........Quadro cards have received much flak here......check the benchmark results for video editing machines on the PPBM5 website.....you can compare the performances of various laptops alone there..

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                  VHC-CO-IT Level 1

                  Assuming 2 main concerns are "it's fast" and "it won't break within a year" I'd go with a Toshiba Qosmio.  Totally copied and pasted from my other post:


                  You may want to look at a Toshiba Qosmio.  Some run at a ridiculous 180W total (but have sufficient fans) but they have dedicated GPUs from Nvidia, full blown mobile i7's, and 8-16GB of memory that's also upgradeable.  The #1 best thing is they typically have 7200RPM hard drives.  That brings you back up closer to desktop level performance at least and they're only around $1,100-1,250 for a decent model.

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                    Hey Aaron,


                    Have you made your decision?  I am where you were in August......curious what conclusions you have come to and what you ended up getting.


                    Any info will help.



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                      JFPhoton Level 3

                      .......the newer machines keep coming out with faster, and more features. You have to constantly keep reviewing what is now available...it changes all the time. If I were replacing MY laptop, I would wait to make sure it has the new Thunderbolt external port on it. That provides so many new connection options that are hi-speed and more.

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                        Peter Studt Level 1

                        In reply to the question about the Quadro GPU in comparrison to other nVidia cards. A useful table available on the nVidia website shows the specs of Quadro Mobile cards. If you compare the K2000M specs with the specs of the GTX660M, which is a mid to high end Kepler GTX card you will notice they are very similar except the 660M uses faster DDR5 memory and has a considerably better memory transer rate (28.8GB/s as compared to 64GB/s) perhaps only thanks to the faster memory since the momory interface is 128-bit in both cases. Oh also the Quadro cards will give 10-bit output compared to the GTX's 8-bit, which is only useful if you were going to plug a 10-bit external display into the machine.


                        Personally, if Lenovo had a higher end Kepler Quadro or a Kepler GTX card available I would have been more inclined towards them as a candidate for my own imminent purchase.


                        Inspite of saying that, you will find the two top laptops on the PPBM5 table are infact Quadro cards (not even Keplar) and they are in a Lenovo laptop. I suspect that the 'hobbling' or de-tuning that nVidia does to the mobile cards (compare the GTX660M to the GTX660) so they will run more comfortably in a laptop is much less for Quadro compared to the GTX cards.


                        I am not an expert and only reply in a sincere attempt to guide you to information available from nVidia and add my perspective. Others may like to comment...