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    changing audio levels


      When i drop a music track into a project it sound completely different (louder) when I run the video in Premiere as opposed to how it comes out after generating the video file. I have been putting the music on the audio 3 line, my voice over narration on audio 2 and the natural audio from the video on audio 1.

      Something else I noticed while editing the video is that all audio is way louder until it comes to a place where there is some narration or other sound, then everything seems to level out.

      see the link below, near the bottom of the page for the latest video. There is music under everything during the first and last 6 to 8 seconds of the video. In Premiere the music is full volume, in the finished video as yo can see you can barely hear it. How do I more accurately hear the audio so that I can mix it right for the final video?