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    Light orange vertical lines after work area preview





                     I got this funny problem. When I render the work area I get some strange light orange lines when I playback the rendered video (see the attached image).


      Things I tried:
                     - Imported this video to an AVCHD 1080i sequence where I edited my full HD video before. After I rendere the work area, no lines everything is clear.
                     - On the other hand, when I paste the full HD video on DV - PAL sequence and render it, I get same bloody light orange lines as mentioned above.



      Video: Widescreen 16:9, 720h 576v, 25 frames, .mpg. (taken from DV camera before)

      Sequence: DV - PAL Widescreen 16:9, 720h 576v, 25 frames

      PC: Quad Core, ... enogh for this ****** video, have edited full HD on it without any problems...