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    Change the topic icon in Webhelp TOC?

    TimLMun Level 1

      We are using RoboHelp 9 on a Windows 7 platform.


      When we publish Webhelp, the topic icon in the published output has a question mark in it.


      We have had almost universal feedback from our target audience that they are confused by the question mark (they thought it indicated an error occurred when we published the Webhelp).  Is there a way to specify a different topic icon for the TOC in the properties of RoboHelp somewhere, but retain the "Default" skin?


      We have two alternatives that we would prefer not to use:


      1. Change the wht_toc3.gif file in the published output.  (We publish often, so we want to avoid a post-publishing clean-up task.)


      2. Go into the RoboHelp 9 application folder on the C drive where the GIF file resides and change it there.


      We guess the folder is located here, although we found the file in a few different places:


      C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe RoboHelp 9\RoboHTML\WebHelp5Ext\template_skin


      An icon that would be an acceptable replacement would be whd_toc3.gif (it has three horizontal lines in it instead of a question mark).


      Is there any way to make this change in RoboHelp project or Webhelp properties anywhere?


      Thanks in advance!