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    How do I install Photoshop Elements 10 on Mac


      I can't even figure out how to get started on this.  I bought the discs instead of downloading off of the internet.  When I pop the first disc in, an icon appears on my desktop.  Inside are folders with the titles:

      Adobe Photoshop Elements 10, Autorun.inf, Read Me, Adobe Reader 10, Autoplay, and Autoplay.exe


      I've clicked on each of them and nothing seems to happen. 


      When I open Autorun, it says, "The file format of the file AUTORUN.INF is unknown. You may uncheck the option "Detect only clear formats" in the prefs.  (I don't know what this means) 


      I've tried clicking on other things within various folders, but, again, nothing seems to happen. 


      How do I even start to install this software when the company doesn't explain what I'm supposed to do?  My Mac is a Mac OS X 10.6.8.  Thanks.