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    Premiere CS6 Hates My ProRes Files


      I'm editing a project with footage that was shot on a couple Canon T2i's. 1080p and 720p, 23.976fps and 59.94fps. I converted the H.264s to ProRes422 using Episode Pro (v6.3) and then from there added Reel Names to the clips using qtchange.


      I wanted to edit with ProRes because I know down the line I'll be adding a lot of effects and color correction. I'm working on a 2010 iMac (i7, 2.3gHz, 8GB RAM, no nVidia card, OS 10.6.8) and I'll run into a processor bottleneck with the raw H.264s. In an effort to save time and sanity down the line, I chose to go ProRes with my workflow. I could just as easily edit this in FCP but I'm trying really hard to not go back to it and I wanted Dynamic Linking as well, again because it will be effects heavy.


      After watching a few clips, I realized I was getting some bad drop frames on one or two occassions. I can't drag the clips into the timeline directly from the Project panel. I can't drag from the Source panel either.


      A lot of times, I'll have a clip selected in the Project panel and I'll hit F10 or F9, the keys I've mapped Insert and Overwrite to. Nothing. Doesn't work. Every once in a while the whole app will freeze up. Keyboard shortcuts are rendered useless. No playback.


      But, if I use an H.264, it's fine on all counts. Drag and drop, no drop frames, keyboard shortcuts. So I'm wondering if I should ditch the ProRes (once and for all) and stay with the native files. Will my iMac handle it? Will I hate myself later when I get into finishing?


      Thanks for all the help in advance, guys (I know this is beating a dead horse by now).