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    Document Chapter Numbering breaks after export to IDML

    ddsbleton Level 1

      Hi folks,


      Strange issue here....


      I have a number of documents arranged into a book.


      Each doc has Automatic Chapter Numbering enabled in the Document Chapter Numbering options, so that I can use the Chapter Number variable as necessary.  Everything was working fine.


      To "wash" the docs, I exported a couple of them through IDML and then back again to IDD.  But doing so seems to have changed my Document Chapter Numbering settings.  Instead of preserving my Automatic Chapter Numbering setting, these docs instead had Start Chapter Numbering at [x] enabled, where [x] was the chapter that that doc was at the time of export.  This means that any re-ordering of chapters in the book breaks autonumbering for this and any chapter after it.


      After manually resetting to Automatic Chapter Numbering, it works again.



      - is this a known bug?

      - can it be avoided?

      - is there anything else that breaks when washing through IDML that I should be aware of?