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    Problem with noise/artefacts in AE6 Ray Traced mode.


      I'm having a problem with some kind or weird artefacts appearing on parts of an imported Illustrator layer. Here's the import procedure I'm using:


      In AE6 I switch to Ray Traced 3D mode, then I make a new comp, add a camera, import my Illustrator file, drag it into the comp. Then I right-click on the Illustrator file in the comp and and select "create shapes from vector layer" then make the layer 3D. I can extrude etc. but for the sake of this post, I didn't do that. I get the artefact regardless.


      Here's a cropped portion of my Illustrator file showing the problem:





      Here's another screen-cap showing the problem from a different angle:





      The sample image is in full res and set to AE's "final quality" mode.


      I've tried different setting for the render quality (the same image is set to 10), but it seem the higher the quality I set it to, the more obvious the artefacts become!


      I've added no lighting or anything else to the scene, jut the camera and the AI file. I've also inspected the Illustrator file inside Illustrator and I cannot see anything at all that can be causing this problem. Is it perhaps an export setting problem in AI?


      These lines only appear when I use the "create shapes from vector layer" option.