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    Coldfusion Builder Updates?

    Michael B Lennox

      I'm guessing that Help>Check for Updates is just a tease. It seems like the only way to get ColdFusion Builder 2 Update 1 is to download the trial, uninstall my current version, and install the new version? Is this correct? Or is there a better way?



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          ColdFusion Builder 2 Udate 1 is a full Installer.


          If you are on windows OS then installing Coldfusion Builder 2 Update 1 installer will uninstall your previous version and install the updated version, but before uninstalling the previous version it will ask user by displaying a dialog message whether he would like to uninstall the previous version and proceed with installation, if the user accepts then only installer will un-install the previous version and install updated veriosn i.e, ColdFusion Builder 2 Udate 1.


          If you are on Mac OS, to install ColdFusion Builder 2 Udate 1 you have to manually un-install the previous version and then proceed with installing the latest version.

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            charlie@carehart.org Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Adding to what Konatala helpfully offers here, I want to speak to Michael’s wondering why the Help>”check for updates” seems “just a tease”. It’s worth keeping in mind that CFBuilder is not something that Adobe built entirely on their own. Rather, CFB is actually an extension of the underlying open source Eclipse project (and also has components of the commercial Aptana plugin for Eclipse).


            So many menus and other features you’d find in CFB are not therefore necessarily “from Adobe” and “related to” CFBuilder specifically, but are rather there because they are features of Eclipse, or Aptana. This “check for updates” is an example. It’s related to updates to Eclipse itself, as well as plugins that use that mechanism to be updated.


            But beyond that, one might reasonably ask “ok, well why then does it not at least offer updates to CFB itself, even if in addition to other Eclipse/Aptana features?” I can’t answer that. It is unfortunate, and I’ve not seen any good explanation for that. Maybe someone from Adobe might see this someday and offer a thought.


            Hope that’s helpful.