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    Digital signatures getting more difficult

    YossiD Level 1

      I'm sure there are good reasons for the changes, but from my viewpoint digital signatures in Acrobat are becoming less convenient with each new version I try.


      I make extensive use of invisible signatures, with a number of people required to invisibly sign each document. In Acrobat 5.05 it was a breeze, either using a menu option or the dropdown in the signatures panel (my preferred method). Deleting a signature field was equally convenient. Just right click the field and delete it.


      In Acrobat 7, the menu and dropdown options disappeared and one has to go through a bunch of screens to get there. Not terrible, but less convenient. Also, documents created using Acrobat 5 or 7 could be signed using either version as long as the document was created using Acrobat 5 (PDF 1.4) compatibility. For deletion, signature fields must be cleared first, and only then can they be deleted. In both cases, creating invisble signatures and deleting signature fields, there are more steps in Acrobat 7 than in Acrobat 5.05. I can live with it, but it seems like reverse progress to me.


      Now I am trying to help my boss use Acrobat 10 to invisibley sign documents created using Acrobat 7 and already invisibly signed by others using Acrobat 7 and Acrobat 5.05. If there's a way to do it, I can't find it. I suppose I could create a blank signature graphic, but that seems silly. Neither can I find any way to delete signature fields. I can clear them, but not delete them.


      I'm guessing that the changes to digital signature functionality have something to do with making signed PDFs more secure and more difficult to tamper with, but I find it hard to believe that can't be accomplished without losing so much functionality.


      I need to be able to have multiple invisible signatures and the capability to remove signature fields, and I need to be able to do it in Acrobat versions 5.05, 7, and X for documents created using any of those versions. If anyone knows how it can be done, please let me know.