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    move a digital signature

    MikeGondek Adobe Community Professional & MVP

      I have signed a document, in 3 locations and would need to move the signature. How can I select and move the signatures to the correct field?


      Most helpful thing I found was that I can clear them.


      Mac  Adobe Acobat X

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          Dave Merchant MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Digital signatures cannot be copied or moved.

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            MikeGondek Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Thanks Dave I was afraid that was the situation. As you probably already know, I mean to only move/edit my own signature.


            Recent years there has been a trend of people sending me long confidentiality agreements to sign, before even booking me for billable work. With how poor the economy has gotten employers ethics have gotten bad. Why give my paperwork and contracts to fill out without even a promise of work, just to stock up a stable of freelancers. And when they do they email them, there are no form fields in their contracts so I have to make them. I also got rid of my land line as many people did so no fax, so this is why I try to sign them digitally.


            The add/edit text box feature I never noticed in previous versions has been great. If more people knew how to create forms, the world would be a better place.


            After clearing digital signatures, can I atleast delete the empty fields?