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    Photoshop CS3 Extended error on load


      Photoshop CS3 Extended

      Windows 7 with all updates current

      Error message on load 'could not initialize Photoshop because of a program error'


      I'm running:

      intel core i5

      16 GB RAM

      148 GB free on drive C

      698 GB free on Drive D

      465 GB free on drive E

      465 GB free on drive F

      2 DVD-R drives


      All updates to Photoshop were installed last time I ran it with no problems.

      No new hardware has been installed since.

      Installed Classic Shell since last use, so I uninstalled it but the error persists.

      Installed Diet Tracker but they don't interfere with each on on the system at home so I know there's no problem there.

      Nothing else installed except Windows updates.

      I tried restoring back to the last time I used it . . . still got the error, so undid the restore.

      I tried repairing Photoshop . . . no change.

      I uninstalled Photoshop, rebooted, installed Photoshop. it loaded slower then and the last thing I saw load was plugins then something about Python and then the error again.

      When I try to open the program, it goes so fast that I can't see what's loaded and where it stops now.

      I searched for like problems . . . found one that they found was caused by a sound driver on an ASUS board but it was different.  I tried rolling back the sound driver anyway and it didn't fix it so  I updated it again.  There was a reference to check the Event Viewer which I know nothing about but I tried it anyway . . . found nothing.


      Any help will be appreciated or if you know a way to debug the load or slow it down to see what it's trying to load please clue me in.  Thank you for any help.