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    Only Rendering Half of Project


      Hi, I have AE on a mac and am trying to render a 5:04 minute long project.  It successfully renders a .mov onto the desktop but only 2:34 minutes in length.  Just end mid-project.  No error notifications in the render cue.  Also, plenty of space on hard drive to export full-length of project.  Any guesses?  I'm clueless at this point. Thanks!

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Did you try to save to another location? Could be a specific issue attempting to save to the desktop and exceeding some limit. Also are you sure you are not messing up the framerates? The ratio between your values is about 1:2 which could easily expalin a few things if you double or half the framerate somewhere, e.g. by using a different setting in teh H.264 encoder than in your comp...