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    Extenal component not rendering file links properly

    deepbluez Level 1

      Hi Adobe CQ expert,


      We need to include an external web app (based on asp) into our new CQ website. The asp web app is a search engine which searches another internal document database and returnes a list of files such as powerpoints, pdfs etc. These documents cannot be migrated into our CQ database due to various reasons.


      We are using the default 'external' component to include our web app. All works fine until we realise CQ prefixes it's own url to the file hyperlinks which are returned by as search results.


      For example,


      When the asp app running standalone, a file hyperlink looks like this:


      <a href="http://companywebsite.com/search/display.asp?id=FC/07/000009">meeting document</a>


      And clicking on that link will prompt using to download the file.


      But when it is included in CQ using 'external' component, we got:


      <a href="http://companywebsite.com/content/companywebsite/search-documents.html?CFC__target=http%3A %2F%2F10.xx.xxx.xxx%2Fsearch%2Fnew-intranet-display.asp%3Fid%3DFC%2F07%2F000009>meeting document</a>


      // I hid the actually ip address using 'xx' in this post


      How can we strip the CQ url and also format the rest to make sure it doesn't come with all these %2 etc?