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    Why does Smart Text Reflow not work with text frames?



      I've been working on an Annual Report in InDesign CS6 that I've set up as a Book. 90% of the report is completed and I have used Smart Text Reflow throughout the Book (and the individual files) and it has worked everytime. Some of the Master pages I am using have Master Text frames.


      I am now trying to use Smart Text Reflow on the last file and it is not working no matter what I do. I have rebuilt my Preferences in case that was causing issues, I have rebuilt my text frames on my Master Pages, I've tried copying and pasting (from notepad) and I've tried placing the text in.


      I tried to use Smart Text Reflow using the Master Pages I created in a book document that is already completed – and that Smart Text Reflow previously worked in – and its not working. I am using a different Master Page than I was in the previous documents but even using a Master Page that worked previously, the Smart Text Reflow refuses to work.


      I set up a completely seperate document to see if there was a difference between setting up a Master Text Frame when I set up the file and then setting it up in the Pages panel and Smart Text Reflow only worked on the first instance of Master Text Frame.


      I have also tried placing the text in a page with no Master Text Frame and the text still wouldn't do Smart Text Reflow.


      Any ideas on what is going wrong? Help please!


      Thank you.