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    How can we prevent application from closing?

    poortip87 Level 1

      Hi All!


      I am developing a panel UI for Photoshop. So, panel is Application type. I wanted to capture the application exit/quit/close event and perform some actions on the UI before application exit/quit/close. I added event listeners for the same. But, problem is that I receive these events after the UI has closed, so to perform any UI based changes, I cannot use it.


      I intended to prevent the close of my applicaiton until these actions at application exit/quit/close are complete. I searched the internet, and by far I have just seen the following example of an AIR application,


      private function onClose():void

           var closingEvent:Event;
           closingEvent = new Event(Event.CLOSING, true, false);
           if (!closingEvent.isDefaultPrevented())



      I want to do something similar for my application.


      Please guide.