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    Beginners Q: Motion tracking - Cannot move trackpoint


      Hi all,


      this seems to be simple:  start motion tracking, move your trackpoint to the correct place that needs to be tracked.


      Problem:  I see the trackpoint, but cannot move it to its place.  

      The only way to do that, is to close AE, reopen AE & reopen the project, and continu moving the trackpoint.  

      This is only possible to do so for a few frames, then the trackpoint is fixed again, and moving is not possible anymore.



      This topic seems not to be found on the internet, so I suspect a bug maybe.


      Please help, it's driving me nuts... 

      any help is welcome...




      And as I saw an OpenGL error I'm providing also system info below.



      AE CS6, trial version, no extra's installed. ver.

      Windows 7 Home Premium, SP1, build 7601, 64bit

      Driver pack ver. 8.98-120611a-141402C-ATI

      2D driver ver.

      OpenGL ver.

      Direct3D ver.

      Catalyst Control Center Ver: 2012.0611.1251.21046

      Used Render Multiple Frames Simultaneously multiprocessing: With & Without. 



      16Gb Ram

      i7-3770K CPU @3.5MHz, 64Bit

      Graph Chipset: AMD Radeon HD 6800 Series



      The more I mess around with it, the more I see the proof I need to restart AE to continue follow the same actions as in tutors over the net.

      VERY often, I cannot move object with the mouse cursor like text objects for instance.


      Is there anything I can do??